Sunday, 25 December 2011

Holiday Spirit!// Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner review// life snaps

Hi guys! How is everybody's Christmas?
I hope it was wonderful regardless of religion!
I know our family still celebrates!

As for me, I've been busy shopping and taking some time off for myself. Reading some of my favorite books.
My boyfriend and I recently had our 2 year anniversary so we spent a whole day together and had a nice dinner at White Spot!
I'm planning a couples shoot too, so more on that when it actually happens! :3

Also I got new hair done recently. Dark auburn all over except for a bright red ombre at the bottom.

I'll just post some pics and leave you all with well wishes!

 Friend's dog who lives nearby! He's out of the province for schooling so the bf and I dropped by the house to wish his mum a happy birthday!

 The place where I work is magical HAHA

I leave you guys with this song I've been listening to recently! It suits the holidays perfectly in my opinion.

[why does leopard print suit christm-]

I think it's the general sense of 'up to no good' and the red lips and smokey eyes that makes me think of the holiday nights ;D

Sunday, 18 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

eeeeverywhere you go!

Sorry again for the kinda hiatus to anyone who...checks...this blog...orz
I've been really busy with school! We were set up in groups of 6-7 people to do a small 3D animated film. We had to make everything ourselves and it was super fun and challenging!
In the end there were a few complications so it doesn't look the most polished, but I believe that you can really see our effort here as a result in the animation!

I'll upload the video when we have the time to upload it to a hosting site! Right now all of the group members, including me are super burnt out. |

Also I've been working part time during the holidays to hustle up some cash for gifts and traveling expenses.
I work at Godiva and it's craaaaaazy nowadays. Everyone wants chocolate zzzz

Another thing going on was something called eBay! orz||| I recently got an account and I just couldn't resist some of the things being sold. As well as Sasa having a Black Friday online sale, I managed to amass quite a haul.
WHAT I BOUGHT: and not all of it has arrived so I will try to do a mass review when I receive everything.

= Dolly Wink Liquid Liner
= Marciano Shane Dress // in color INK
= EBAY Black lace shorts
= Kimchi Bambi Blue contact lenses
= EBAY Purple long wig for cosplay

Also the boyfriend and I got a chance to go shopping together today and for me that was really fun and sweet of him to volunteer. He hates shopping. He absolutely loathes it.
But the fact that he spent so long in H&M trying things on and putting up with me dithering around looking for clothes for him meant a lot to me.
Also he bought me two sweaters for Christmas that he MADE me pick out because he doesn't know what's in my closet.
Then again, neither do I...

In the end, I bought a nice vest for him to spice up his casual outfits a bit more and it really looks good on him! He also bought some straighter cut jeans as opposed to his looser ones.
I think he's embracing his more fashionable side : D

Here's some picture spam! Sorry for low quality, guys! I'm asking for a nice camera for Christmas so that it inspires me to take more artsy pics and blog more!

Why yes I am standing on the edge of the bathtub. /NO REGRETS

The boyfriend trying on various things per my request.  He looks so good though!

The neighborhood cat. It is so gorgeous but won't let you pet it. Just approaches you and comes really close rofl

Monday, 14 November 2011

Dolly Wink no. 2 review// what I've been wearing recently

Hey readers! [very small amount I know orz|||]
I'm at school right now and needing a bit of downtime from working so I thought I'd do another post!

I received the limited edition set of Tsubasa eyelashes because my friend showed me a website called AdamBeauty . If you don't know, they sell their Dolly Wink lashes for a super affordable price. I paid 15ish dollar for a no.2/no.6 set and limited edition eyelash case.  The case is SO useful. I can fit almost all of my lashes in there.

As for the no.2 lashes....well I was sort of disappointed. Maybe I was too used to the stiffer band, but it was quite difficult to put on, and I'd like to say I'm pretty adept at putting lashes on after almost 3 years of using them.

They were however super comfortable because of said flimsy lash band.

BUT I also noticed how much I had to cut to make them fit my eyes. /SOB
So it was kind of a waste.  Oh well.
I will probably not repurchase.
Here's a pic of me wearing the set together when I had a 'gyaru' day out with a friend of mine. A saleslady in Costa Blanca complimented me on my lashes so all was well >w<
I've even had a few girls compliment me when I wear them out clubbing.

Also what do you guys think about the hair style? I tried the twists on the side /mock braids. Kinda hostess-y? I think it'd be good for nights out. A new way to do hair that's not up or down but in-between?

Another thing I've been doing is using lip products again.  Usually because of school and my schedule I just slap on lip balm and go and also because my glosses/lippies are scattered around the house lol...
So I took a go at finding them. It was a fun game of hide and seek and except for my one MAC ltd edition lippy, I think I've found them all!

My favorite go-to has been Etude House's lip tint in red. It moisturizes, isn't sticky at all, delivers a punch of color, and tingles, as it claims it has plumping properties. Since it already has a good color delivery, I like to layer it over my red lipsticks to keep my lips smooth and amp it up a bit. I don't see any plumping when I wear it, but summer or winter, it's one of my favorites to wear when I'm feeling brave.

I might not be able to update as [in]frequently now because school is getting reaaaally crazy aaaaaaaand I got a part time job!

That's right!

I'll be working at Godiva at Metrotown for the holiday season!
Hopefully they like me enough to keep me on for the rest of the year, because that would be great.
I'll start training in the next week or two, but until then, I gotta shop for work outfit. :>


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Happy November!

Ahhh I missed blogging about Halloween but that's okay because I had fun despite not going trick-or-treating like I usually do!
[I might be too old, but I can usually pass for younger so I think it's okay. I'm still a kid at heart u___u]

This year I was in school working, but since the teacher had a 'sick' day we decided to catch up on assignments, order pizza, and play Amnesia.  If you don't game a lot or listen to gamers talk, you wouldn't know Amnesia probably since it was released by an indie game studio.

Here's a funny video to explain what it's like to play. :D

I chickened out after the first 5 minutes when things are just moving on their own! Q___Q omg all the guys manned up and played despite being scared. The worst feel is when you turn a corner and one of the monsters is right in front of you. AHHHH
You can't fight/hurt them. You can only run. And you generally run slower than them.

It's so scary and perfect for Halloween!

Recently I've been in a few shoots because a lot of my friends are photographers and they need models. "Models" lol.  SO here are a few pics I especially liked that my friends took!

Also pictured here is Kathy who is the sweetest thing! <3

Next up in a Halloween themed dance that a local anime club was hosting.  It was super fun and really nice to see friends again that I hadn't seen since summer.

(c)Kale JF Photography

I was also in a hair photoshoot because a very close friend of mine was graduating salon school!
It was definitely an experience and I got to have my hair tortured lol but the result was awesome!

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately guys! All my spare time has been going to school!
I'll try to do some more reviews for you guys!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Lens reviews! GEO + Neo Dali

I'm finally getting down to reviewing all the lenses I'm circulating through this year!






I like to thoroughly research each lens and compare and debate between many kinds before finally purchasing pairs so generally I am prepared for their color/comfort and appearance!

I bought these from a facebook seller called Doll Eyes!
Link to the shop can be found here~

I ordered with my friends so there were major discounts to be had.  I think it was around 15 dollars a pair?
It was great!  I also ordered the super nudy blues and nudy grays in that batch.


The GEO 3-TONE GREEN's or the tri color greens as they're sometimes called were such a pleasant surprise to me.  They showed up exactly like stock photos and the color was spot on!

An indoor photo of me...having an epiphany.... IT HAPPENS SOMETIMES.

N as Lightning was just not amused HA HA
but you can see that my eyes ARE NOT brown.  Which is lovely!

Photo Credits: Jonathan Kan
And even without the expensive flash and SLR, you can still get the color to show up really well! ^ In this pic it looks like they took another person's eyeballs and put them in my head LOL ahah|||
 I'm still amazed everytime I look at it!
Also the multi-tonal hues were perfect for the Vanille cosplay since hers are not a flat color and it looked really natural!  As for comfort, these are not circle lenses. Merely colored imo, as they did not enlarge at all. This helped keep it very comfortable and wearable throughout the day. However I did wish for a bit of enlargement because I always want my eyes to look bigger. :c Oh well! For the expectations I had, these lenses were a great investment!

Color: 10/10
Size: 5/10 <-- no visible enlargement at all!
Comfort: 9/10 <-- still needed eyedrops once or twice throughout my 9+ hour day~



These are a good beginner pair for anyone who wants decent color/enlargement and comfort.  They're not SUPER comfy, but they're not the worst I've worn.

I really love the halo effect that GEO nudy's have so I might be biased, but I also think the color is quite vibrant. If you buy gray you'll get gray.  Not just a darker brown or whatever.  They show up no matter what and I've had people in school stop me and ask me what color I'm wearing ha ha.  The only downside is that the gray's can sometimes be seen as blue's. They've got a cooler tint to them so it's all personal preference if you like that or not!

Here are some photos of me wearing them to show my point better!

Photo Credits: Edwin Lee
With flash they show up SO intensely. And in this photo they're a nice color somehow~

Definitely enlarged eyes! HA ha O___O
My lovely friend on the left who had been visiting from TO to spend her summer with us!

Also a good pic to show my Dolly Wink no. 6's! ^

Same night.  Significantly more intoxicated LOL oh man|||
I love my hs friends I keep in touch with <3

Color: 8/10 <-- It definitely shows color but not the gray I was expecting. Still nice though~
Enlargement: 8/10 <--Definitely enlarging.  Need makeup to wear these haha and they're really eye-catching!
Comfort: 6/10 <-- I usually need eyedrops every few hours with these ones.  ;___;



Theeeeese are okay.  I was kinda underwhelmed by these because I wanted them for cosplay. This cosplay specifically.

concept credits:
Check her art out! She draws lots of f(x) fanart, vocaloids stuff, and of course her original concept of the student council social network personas! It's all very funny and charming stuff <333

I put these lenses on- OH AND ANOTHER THING.  I have very bad vision so I'm sometimes limited by what contacts I can buy so it was disappointing that I had to get these in plano.  But I digress that was my choice to buy them STILL.

The color is not vibrant at all. It takes extreme lighting to have them show up siiigh. Otherwise it's like black lenses with a HINT of blue in normal indoor lighting.

Here're some pics.

See?  It looks black.

Photo credits: Edwin Lee!
From L TO R: Eijiko, Kathy, Anna, and me.

Eyes still black. =A=

Color: 5/10 <-- so disappointed.
Enlargement: 9/10 <--- 16mm so they're huge! But just like an expanse of black on my eyes with a hint of blue. hahaha
Comfort: 5/10 <-- The size took some getting used to and they're worse than the nudy's for drying out my eyes. ~___~

I would not repurchase.



These lenses are so comfy and natural! But they are really great.  Sure they look natural, but if someone's known you for a while they'll notice when you wear them!

Here are some photos!

A nice indoor lighting shot of them.  You can see a hint of brown but I bought these because they looked natural but still noticeable!

Sorry for the almost up-nose shot of my boyfriend HA HA

A pro shot of me wearing them!  And again with my no.6 dolly winks~ I love them very much.

Photo Credits: Edwin Lee

As for comfort, these are almost on par with the Geo tricolors which is a pleasant surprise really! Considering these actually enlarge. I rarely use eyedrops for this pair of lenses!

Color: 8/10 <--- They could be a brighter brown. I did want something a bit lighter, but the photos were a bit inaccurate.  Or maybe my eyes are just really really dark ha ha.
Enlargement: 7/10 <-- Not too freaky! I can wear these without makeup and be alright. Not get weird stares.  >A<
Comfort: 9/10 Great! But sometimes I get a little dry. Not dry enough for eyedrops though~

Aghhh that was such a huge blog post.  Sorry for so much to read but I figure that if I can even help one person with this post it'll be worth it!

Until next time!

I bought the limited set of Dolly Winks that tsubasa recently released and they should be here within the next week or so! I can't wait to get them! So until next time~

Thursday, 1 September 2011

C&E and L&C

I'll be using this post to talk about the 2 day convention during August 13-14 at UBC of Vancouver AND also a local photoshoot that happened last week at Queen Elizabeth Park!

The convention was really fun because it was my first year selling art and I really wanted to prove to myself that I could earn something from my art. It was actually really invigorating to try and talk people into seeing what they liked about my art and how they liked it.  Some people didn't even need coercing to buy and were like "I'll take them all"

It was soo sweet and thank you so much to everyone to bought one of my bookmarks or collab prints with Snakeyhoho
It means the world to me!

These are what I was selling this year and I have leftovers if anyone's interested!

I was cosplaying as Vanille for both days of the con and it was great! So many people recognized me and SO many ff cosplayers were kind enough to ask for photos with them and I thought it was really kind that they would! On the second day one girl even asked to see my costume in 360 view [while I was sitting LOL] so I rotated slowly and she said she was also making a Vanille cosplay and wanted to know how I had done the back. It was super inspirational that someone would think I could be any help at all in making cosplay haha!

It just really felt like I leveled up in craftsmanship, you know? It's hard to explain the feeling, but it definitely made me want to try harder on cosplay and work on details and basic structure.  <3 Thank you to everyone for the hugs, compliments, and photo requests!

My friends T, N, and new friend W were all walking about in a group and it was amazing how many people hoarded for pics haha!

So here are some pics of us from the convention!

T was Hope
N as Lightning
and W as Snow!

T came to us on the first day and was all 'omg there's this really attractive male Snow cosplayer at the con.'

Us: "REALLY?" and it turned out N knew him from Minicomi. He's super chill and was more than happy to walk around with us and private shoot. YOU'RE THE BEST, SNOW.

^ Above 2 photos taken by my friend Micheal~

The following were taken by new friends and photographers who asked permission for shots!
special thanks to Micheal and Sukhraj for being such sports when we were derping around :D



If you aren't local or into the cosplay scene, you probably haven't heard of L&C, a photoshoot organized annually by friends of mine! They're always super enthusiastic about organizing the event and make sure there are fun activities and prizes to win~

This year was the 5th year running and this time they organized a scavenger hunt and TONS of cool prizes to win~

Unfortunately I couldn't participate because N and I had been dragged away for a private shoot which was super fun!


^ Photo taken by the lovely Anna of i'm so jelly who also posted a blog post with more pics~!  
Follow her HERE!

^ We also did jumping shots in the fountain there and omgggg 
our cosplays got so soaked we had to spread them out on the ground to dry in the sun later HAHA

^ N as Lightning. Isn't she gorgeous?

^ I'm so embarrassing.


If you're interested in yet MORE pictures of us in the private shoot location, please check out SUTORAIKUanime who wrote an article on us!

that's all for now! Next post I'll be talking about a formal sunset shoot I did with a couple friends in the New Westminster area. : D until then~