Monday, 26 November 2012


I'm back again with a review!

I'm really guilty of this, but do any of you just totally ignore your hair? Like sure you buy something for it occasionally, but just use whatever shampoo/conditioner you have around?

I'm like that. I focus on the after shower treatments like trying not to style with heat so often, and getting a leave-in treatment [reviews on that one later]

But now I realize recovery starts from the very beginning. Starting with your shampoo.


Item Description:

The Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Shampoo ensures the reconstruction process of your hair using a unique cream foundation enriched with Joico's exclusive Keratin Silicone Complex. It features a balance of 19 essential amino acids that are considered to be the building blocks of hair. The shampoo adheres quickly and effectively to ensure maximum protection and restoration from the cuticle to the cortex. This color safe shampoo also retains and protects the color of your hair. It provides the hair with sufficient elasticity, strength and shine. The damaged hair shampoo must be applied to wet hair to create a rich lather. For optimum results, repeat the process after the first rinsing. The Joico K-Pak shampoo is the ideal for treating damaged hair.
Joico K Pak Reconstruct Shampoo:
  • 10.1 fl oz.
  • Specially made for damaged hair.
  • Color-safe.
  • Imparts elasticity, strength and shine to the hair.

  • At work, Halloween .Just after dying my hair brown! It's dry at the end and tangles super easily. You can see the ends being quite frizzy.

    The day after I first used K-PAK shampoo. Texture is much smoother and though it looks frizzy, those are just fly-aways from the wind. Ends are much better and overall my hair is smooth!

    My hair type is coarse, dry, and super super thick. Basically the top 3 worst hair types combined into one. My good friend who does my hair absolutely hates when I come in asking for color done. lmao

    She says I have enough hair on my head for 2 people.
    [It's that bad]

    For the shampoo, the instructions are easy. Lather rinse repeat.
    The consistency is thick and super easy to use throughout your hair. Lathers easily and rinses out clean but gentle. My hair doesn't tangle as much in the shower. It's also much quicker to blow dry and my hair is smooooth once it's all dry.

    So this is a definite repurchase and I'm eyeing the conditioner/treatment set.

    I will pamper my hair from now on, I promise. Especially since I want to go lighter~