Monday, 14 November 2011

Dolly Wink no. 2 review// what I've been wearing recently

Hey readers! [very small amount I know orz|||]
I'm at school right now and needing a bit of downtime from working so I thought I'd do another post!

I received the limited edition set of Tsubasa eyelashes because my friend showed me a website called AdamBeauty . If you don't know, they sell their Dolly Wink lashes for a super affordable price. I paid 15ish dollar for a no.2/no.6 set and limited edition eyelash case.  The case is SO useful. I can fit almost all of my lashes in there.

As for the no.2 lashes....well I was sort of disappointed. Maybe I was too used to the stiffer band, but it was quite difficult to put on, and I'd like to say I'm pretty adept at putting lashes on after almost 3 years of using them.

They were however super comfortable because of said flimsy lash band.

BUT I also noticed how much I had to cut to make them fit my eyes. /SOB
So it was kind of a waste.  Oh well.
I will probably not repurchase.
Here's a pic of me wearing the set together when I had a 'gyaru' day out with a friend of mine. A saleslady in Costa Blanca complimented me on my lashes so all was well >w<
I've even had a few girls compliment me when I wear them out clubbing.

Also what do you guys think about the hair style? I tried the twists on the side /mock braids. Kinda hostess-y? I think it'd be good for nights out. A new way to do hair that's not up or down but in-between?

Another thing I've been doing is using lip products again.  Usually because of school and my schedule I just slap on lip balm and go and also because my glosses/lippies are scattered around the house lol...
So I took a go at finding them. It was a fun game of hide and seek and except for my one MAC ltd edition lippy, I think I've found them all!

My favorite go-to has been Etude House's lip tint in red. It moisturizes, isn't sticky at all, delivers a punch of color, and tingles, as it claims it has plumping properties. Since it already has a good color delivery, I like to layer it over my red lipsticks to keep my lips smooth and amp it up a bit. I don't see any plumping when I wear it, but summer or winter, it's one of my favorites to wear when I'm feeling brave.

I might not be able to update as [in]frequently now because school is getting reaaaally crazy aaaaaaaand I got a part time job!

That's right!

I'll be working at Godiva at Metrotown for the holiday season!
Hopefully they like me enough to keep me on for the rest of the year, because that would be great.
I'll start training in the next week or two, but until then, I gotta shop for work outfit. :>


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