Thursday, 1 September 2011

C&E and L&C

I'll be using this post to talk about the 2 day convention during August 13-14 at UBC of Vancouver AND also a local photoshoot that happened last week at Queen Elizabeth Park!

The convention was really fun because it was my first year selling art and I really wanted to prove to myself that I could earn something from my art. It was actually really invigorating to try and talk people into seeing what they liked about my art and how they liked it.  Some people didn't even need coercing to buy and were like "I'll take them all"

It was soo sweet and thank you so much to everyone to bought one of my bookmarks or collab prints with Snakeyhoho
It means the world to me!

These are what I was selling this year and I have leftovers if anyone's interested!

I was cosplaying as Vanille for both days of the con and it was great! So many people recognized me and SO many ff cosplayers were kind enough to ask for photos with them and I thought it was really kind that they would! On the second day one girl even asked to see my costume in 360 view [while I was sitting LOL] so I rotated slowly and she said she was also making a Vanille cosplay and wanted to know how I had done the back. It was super inspirational that someone would think I could be any help at all in making cosplay haha!

It just really felt like I leveled up in craftsmanship, you know? It's hard to explain the feeling, but it definitely made me want to try harder on cosplay and work on details and basic structure.  <3 Thank you to everyone for the hugs, compliments, and photo requests!

My friends T, N, and new friend W were all walking about in a group and it was amazing how many people hoarded for pics haha!

So here are some pics of us from the convention!

T was Hope
N as Lightning
and W as Snow!

T came to us on the first day and was all 'omg there's this really attractive male Snow cosplayer at the con.'

Us: "REALLY?" and it turned out N knew him from Minicomi. He's super chill and was more than happy to walk around with us and private shoot. YOU'RE THE BEST, SNOW.

^ Above 2 photos taken by my friend Micheal~

The following were taken by new friends and photographers who asked permission for shots!
special thanks to Micheal and Sukhraj for being such sports when we were derping around :D



If you aren't local or into the cosplay scene, you probably haven't heard of L&C, a photoshoot organized annually by friends of mine! They're always super enthusiastic about organizing the event and make sure there are fun activities and prizes to win~

This year was the 5th year running and this time they organized a scavenger hunt and TONS of cool prizes to win~

Unfortunately I couldn't participate because N and I had been dragged away for a private shoot which was super fun!


^ Photo taken by the lovely Anna of i'm so jelly who also posted a blog post with more pics~!  
Follow her HERE!

^ We also did jumping shots in the fountain there and omgggg 
our cosplays got so soaked we had to spread them out on the ground to dry in the sun later HAHA

^ N as Lightning. Isn't she gorgeous?

^ I'm so embarrassing.


If you're interested in yet MORE pictures of us in the private shoot location, please check out SUTORAIKUanime who wrote an article on us!

that's all for now! Next post I'll be talking about a formal sunset shoot I did with a couple friends in the New Westminster area. : D until then~


  1. ahhhhhh your a perfect vanille ! ! ! i lovelove that jumping picture in the fountain, your smile is so gentle ;; ! ! ! love ittt
    and lovelovelove your blog header// soooo pretty//

  2. I'm so so happy to hear that! I was so worried I wouldn't suit her actually, hahaha ;w;

    The jumping pics were so fun to do! So I'm glad you like!
    AGHHH your comment is so sweet and it's so good to hear from you again!

  3. I WISH I WENT!!!! D; Damn work -w-;;
    You both look awesome~~ The wig turned out great as well ^^

  4. It would've been great if you could have made it waaah! Work work work you're so busy waha ;__; next time for sure!

    Thank youu omg I stressed so much about the color for it and kept worrying if it was the right color or if it was too bright siiigh