Monday, 8 October 2012

BLACK MILK// der kuss dress reviews // 6 Month ANNIVERSARY

2 days ago I celebrated our 6 month anniversary with my boyfriend.

I don't think I've ever mentioned on the blog because life has been so hectic but the friend I mentioned a while back was really there for me when my last relationship ended. I was miserable and didn't know what to do with myself or anything in my life really, and he was there. I didn't expect anything to happen ever but it turns out to be a happy ending.

Here are some photos my friend Sukhraj of Sukhraj Bhattal photography took for us! He's amazing and if you're in the Vancouver area and want to have him take photos for you, I highly recommend it. Sukhraj is versatile and can take portrait/glam/cosplay photos easily. He's often taken my cosplay pics at cons too ehehe.

We celebrated earlier in the week with a nice dinner and went clubbing for our friend's birthday whose event was the same day L O L

I think I've outgrown clubbing though. It's so tiring. My old body had to drag itself into work the next afternoon and I suffered orz|||

I have so many new things that I budgeted myself for.
;A; So happy to have these in my possession at last.

I managed to grab the Black Milk dress [my first one] during their anniversary sale so everything was 20% off!

If anyone knows me, they know Klimt is my favorite painter and I love 'The Kiss'
I even did one of my art final projects on him, trying to emulate his style. Ahaha.
It's so inspiring to have a painting of his on my body. Even if it's only a print dress.


Black Milk has rave reviews from other bloggers so I had to see what the fuss was about.
The fabric is amazing. I'm not very curvy, but this dress has a way of accentuating the good and glossing over the not so awesome parts of your body!

I have instagram now too! follow me @ rundevinrun

My beautiful friend Hannah took these photos. She's a model in Vancouver and does some work regularly. Gorgeous girl, gorgeous photos, gorgeous soul <3

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Recent gets//quick reviews! [MAC studio careblend, eBay purchases, Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara, Solone 30 sec smoody pencil]

I've been so busy with my part time job and trying to enjoy the last of summer that I've almost completely forgotten about this blog!

I guess all I can say is that I'm happy with where I am, and who I'm with.

I've been buying little things here and there to add to my makeup/wardrobe.

This eyeliner formula is soooo smooth and so vibrant. Perfect. Even if my eyes water or I rub them a little they stay put. This swatch was just one pass. IMAGINE.

I bought these here. 

I use them so much for everyday and they really bring life to my eyes even when I'm tired ehehe~ I use it often for cosplay a lot too since it's sooo bright and light catching.

 Needed a new powder/foundation to set my makeup and it's been amazing. Even better than my MUFE Duo matte powder I used to use. This is much kinder to my skin skin and doesn't clog my pores. Goes on super light so not much coverage but still nice!
 I'm wearing the MAC powder and the gel liners in this pic :> Also I love my new spiked headband. I wear it as often as I can. It just adds that certain touch to an otherwise neutral outfit~

I also took advantage of Sasa having a free shipping event to grab Fairy Drops mascara because I've been wanting to try it for ever.
So far it's treating me well! Sometimes it flakes a tiny tiny bit but it's nothing I can't handle since my heroine mascara also flakes. But I must say the length is AMAZING from Fairy Drops. I was not disappointed. It also holds a curl fairly well. AND WATERPROOF.

 Crazy length on my sparse and super straight lashes!!
 And see what I mean about the payoff on these smoody pencils? Super nice.

The boyfriend also bought me these suuuuper cool tights! Sorry for the weird angle but it captured the kirakira ness! They are so unique and I've never seen a design like that before! I'm so grateful he bought these for me. Even if I wasn't willing to spend yet more money on my tights addiction orz||||

They were a very reasonable price and haven't torn yet!

Until next time when I can review more things! :>