Friday, 18 January 2013

ALA// anime los angeles cosplay [photo heavy] & BLACK MILK

What a whirlwind it's been and now I can finally sit down and have a breather

ALA was amazing.
We also went to Disneyland the day before with a few friends which was SUPER FUN

The weather was great the company was great
and the cosplays were AMAAAAZING

Mike and I wore a variety of cosplays. He wore Drakken and Nightwing
I wore Shego, Mio, Mulan, and Zatanna [phew I know. It was a mistake to bring that all.]

But we had tons of fun!

Here's a few pics before/of the con! as Mother Gothel
& as Rapunzel


This Aladdin was super chill and walked around with us.
Also I asked how he got Abu to stay and he said he velcroed his butt
too funny

and then nighttime partying!

why are all my friends so attractive

ALSO ^ Kailee and I did a Black Milk shoot together with photographer Kyle Mistry

they turned out amaaaazing
if you wanna check his stuff out!

The following BM pics are all his!

bb looks so good as Nightwing ahhh

we made him take pics with a batman

And then some more pics from Kyle with us doing a Kim Possible group

I tried my best at photoshop! I don't think it's half bad~?

That's all for now while I organize my reviews/other items I've recently bought/received~