Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hi there~

This is just an introduction post to get my greeting out there!

I'm a 19 y/o animation student in Vancouver, Canada interested in many things such as; art, fashion, makeup, cosplay, and movies!

I'm not sure what else to post so I'll just post about my day today!
It was a really exciting day because it was my first time selling my art at an event!
If you're a local I'm sure you've heard about Minicomi, the one-day creative event that had free admission~

The mascots Mini and Comi were designed by my friend Snakeyhoho and she did a fantastic job getting the word out there. The attendees were friendly and plenty and many dropped by to say hi or compliment the various artists' work we had on display or to purchase even!!~

I was lucky enough to share a table with the wonderful...

Anna from 'im-so-jelly' found here~
Nico from deviantArt
Tara from deviantArt
and Winnie from deviantArt

Our table had a variety of wares, including deco phone charms, phone cases, mirrors, as well as prints, bookmarks, keychains, earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces all made by us!
Sorry no photos yet! The photographers are all busy and wanting to recover I'm sure!
There was lots of cosplay and very gorgeously dresses out-of-cosplay girls ufufufu.

I will update again [with con photos] but for now just have some pic-spam of me! orz|||

^ this is what I wore before Minicomi and before I changed into cos hahahaha. I had all my makeup and lenses on, but just a cardigan, high-waisted shorts, and a fail usamimi headband. fail||||

^ My boyfriend was driving and I had the windows down because it was unbearably hot and our friend didn't like that the wind was messing up his hair ahahaha. I managed to snap a pic V.

^ During drive home! My phone's silly and over-exposed because it's not automatic like a digital camera bawww. 

Oh well! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!