Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Massive Circle Lens review// Dolly+ Red, Kimchi Bambi Blue, Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green

Ho there! It's been a super long while!

Graduation kept me on my toes and it was a hectic ride but finally I'm done and ready to get my name out there and hopefully get a studio job this summer! Can't give up!

But in the meantime, here's some seriously belated reviews.

First up are my new green lenses.

The package from Lens Village arrived super quickly!

Came with a free lens case and bubble wrapped nicely~

With Flash

Without flash.
Overall the color is pretty natural and doesn't stand out too much. But in the right lighting, it really pops~

Vibrancy : 4
Comfort: 5

They're also amazingly comfortable for their size. I can't even feel them in my eyes once I pop them in. I can't wait to keep wearing them.

Out of the three, this is the comfiest pair of lenses to date!

These lenses are from  I.Candy  which can be found here!
Bubble wrapped nicely~

Without flash! 

With flash! They're super vibrant and I adore them. Definitely one of the largest lenses I own and totally noticeable.

Out of all three, these are the second most comfiest.

Vibrancy: 4.75
Comfort: 4.5

These ones are from Japanese Candy  !!!

Super vibrant color

Sorry for my super tired face. It was before Sakuracon so con prep was killing meeeeee. My left eye is the one worn backwards. Right eye is correct way to wear them. As you can see, they're super amazingly vibrant in flash.

These ones are not my most comfy lenses but for a con day, I survived!

Vibrancy: 5
Comfort: 4.25

And that's my big update.
I think I've reviewed all the lenses I own to date.
What a task.

Until next time!