Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Happy November!

Ahhh I missed blogging about Halloween but that's okay because I had fun despite not going trick-or-treating like I usually do!
[I might be too old, but I can usually pass for younger so I think it's okay. I'm still a kid at heart u___u]

This year I was in school working, but since the teacher had a 'sick' day we decided to catch up on assignments, order pizza, and play Amnesia.  If you don't game a lot or listen to gamers talk, you wouldn't know Amnesia probably since it was released by an indie game studio.

Here's a funny video to explain what it's like to play. :D

I chickened out after the first 5 minutes when things are just moving on their own! Q___Q omg all the guys manned up and played despite being scared. The worst feel is when you turn a corner and one of the monsters is right in front of you. AHHHH
You can't fight/hurt them. You can only run. And you generally run slower than them.

It's so scary and perfect for Halloween!

Recently I've been in a few shoots because a lot of my friends are photographers and they need models. "Models" lol.  SO here are a few pics I especially liked that my friends took!

Also pictured here is Kathy who is the sweetest thing! <3

Next up in a Halloween themed dance that a local anime club was hosting.  It was super fun and really nice to see friends again that I hadn't seen since summer.

(c)Kale JF Photography

I was also in a hair photoshoot because a very close friend of mine was graduating salon school!
It was definitely an experience and I got to have my hair tortured lol but the result was awesome!

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately guys! All my spare time has been going to school!
I'll try to do some more reviews for you guys!

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