Sunday, 22 January 2012

Punky Colour: FLAME//review

Hi guys! Today I'll be reviewing something I just bought today! Crazy I know!

Recently my red ombre was fading and it was bringing me down because I love bright colors in my hair. So after work I popped by a Shoppers and bought Punky Colour. I debated whether I wanted a warm red/pink red/or purple red but finally decided on the true red called 'Flame'

I left it in for half an hour and it's gorgeous! Super easy to use and super thick so it didn't run all over the place. I didn't notice any staining in my bathtub nor on the counters. Super easy to clean up and only 12 dollars for a tub.
What I love most about dying my hair now is that it's ombre and I only need to do the tips. Sooo low maintenance.
I'll be definitely using this again in between salon appointments and I don't feel any damage done to my already abused hair haha.
I just wish it was a truer red. It came out a hiiiint of orange. Still, can't complain.

Color Accuracy: 4/5
Ease of Use: 5/5
Price: 4.5/5 [I'm super cheap Asian. I hate shelling out money for myself. :C]


[BEFORE: with flash[

[AFTER: without flash]
I was bad. I didn't take both pics without flash. But I didn't retouch the photos/alter the color at all!
This is truly how vibrant it came out!
So happy. I can't wait to see it in the sunlight.

Monday, 16 January 2012

new camera//phone case; HAULS and WANTS

It's been hectic these past few days!
School started again and the new year is full of new friends and new experiences!
I made it my New Years' resolution to be more friendly and outgoing and a more loving girlfriend.

Here are a few photos from my new camera!
The things I experienced in these photos were [in no particular order]... a homemade takoyaki party with my classmates from 3D at my school!
A very drunk New Years.
A photoshoot on a rainy day.
A dear friend's birthday lunch downtown.
A very drunk night with some classmates from VFS in which I found the Mystery Machine and took pics with my cosplay friends.
And various other things!

Boyfraaaan and I. <3

 During the photoshoot we got soaked. My hair is looking a little messy because of the rain haha.
 New year's soba with my classmates Eiki and Maria! 
 Eiki cooking takoyaki.
Seriously we were all so full it was awful haha
 These actually aren't my nails. They're my friend's nails.
My guy friend's nails.

His hands are so graceful it makes me sick.
 I bought 3 new revlon polishes in coral pink, mint, and midnight blue. I couldn't resist trying them out ASAP...
On my guy friend's nails ha ha ha
My Kimchi Bambi Blue lenses finally came a week ago!
A review will be coming soon!
My friend got me some goodies and they're all absolutely stunning.
I haven't had a chance to look through all of it yet.
Diamond Lash on top
Daiso brand on bottom
Me wearing said lashes and Kimchi Bambi Blue lenses! I love them. So gyaru and so totally new to me.
 This phone case was commissioned by me from Anna Chen of
It's so cute and definitely what I wanted. It's so over the top and glamorous imo
The boyfriend thinks it's ridiculous but what does he know? HAHA
Thanks so much Anna! <3


But yeah it's been great this new year and I can't wait to see what it brings!
But I can't lie, lately it's been snowing like crazy and I'm already eagerly looking forward to spring.

Here's some items I'd like to get for the new season.

A lace overlay skirt. In pink would be gorgeous but I have no idea where I could get this! I found it on tumblr.


I've been wanting a white chiffon top for at least 2 years now.

AAAND I bought white ankle socks with lace trim so I can finally coord my black 99 JC's with spring clothes!

Reviews on revlon polish

Kimchi Bambi Blue

I leave you with a hilarious photo I took and photoshopped. My one friend in the driver's window took the photo and before we could take another pic my camera ran out of batteries. So I took a photo of him in cosplay and photoshopped him in.

You can tell we were all pretty drunk.