Sunday, 18 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

eeeeverywhere you go!

Sorry again for the kinda hiatus to anyone who...checks...this blog...orz
I've been really busy with school! We were set up in groups of 6-7 people to do a small 3D animated film. We had to make everything ourselves and it was super fun and challenging!
In the end there were a few complications so it doesn't look the most polished, but I believe that you can really see our effort here as a result in the animation!

I'll upload the video when we have the time to upload it to a hosting site! Right now all of the group members, including me are super burnt out. |

Also I've been working part time during the holidays to hustle up some cash for gifts and traveling expenses.
I work at Godiva and it's craaaaaazy nowadays. Everyone wants chocolate zzzz

Another thing going on was something called eBay! orz||| I recently got an account and I just couldn't resist some of the things being sold. As well as Sasa having a Black Friday online sale, I managed to amass quite a haul.
WHAT I BOUGHT: and not all of it has arrived so I will try to do a mass review when I receive everything.

= Dolly Wink Liquid Liner
= Marciano Shane Dress // in color INK
= EBAY Black lace shorts
= Kimchi Bambi Blue contact lenses
= EBAY Purple long wig for cosplay

Also the boyfriend and I got a chance to go shopping together today and for me that was really fun and sweet of him to volunteer. He hates shopping. He absolutely loathes it.
But the fact that he spent so long in H&M trying things on and putting up with me dithering around looking for clothes for him meant a lot to me.
Also he bought me two sweaters for Christmas that he MADE me pick out because he doesn't know what's in my closet.
Then again, neither do I...

In the end, I bought a nice vest for him to spice up his casual outfits a bit more and it really looks good on him! He also bought some straighter cut jeans as opposed to his looser ones.
I think he's embracing his more fashionable side : D

Here's some picture spam! Sorry for low quality, guys! I'm asking for a nice camera for Christmas so that it inspires me to take more artsy pics and blog more!

Why yes I am standing on the edge of the bathtub. /NO REGRETS

The boyfriend trying on various things per my request.  He looks so good though!

The neighborhood cat. It is so gorgeous but won't let you pet it. Just approaches you and comes really close rofl

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