Sunday, 6 October 2013

GEO Mari Gold Brown : // lens review!

So I've been testing out new brown lenses since I tossed my old pair. They were getting uncomfy.

Not sure why I keep buying GEO when they're just not as comfy as EOS
 but these ones are pretty good!

While not as comfy as my EOS bubble blues, these are such a nice spin on the boring brown lenses.

They blend in very well with a dark limbal ring that helps them look more natural~
Not enlarging. Just 14.0 mm~
[don't look at my roots. I don't have the money to redye just yet SHHHHHHHH]

But then the gold flecks in the center really pop. Not a huge scary difference, but if people are close/observant enough it does get noticed.
I like them a lot!

Not sure if I'll repurchased because for me, EOS is better for everyday wear just because of comfort.