Saturday, 27 April 2013

GEO grang grang brown contacts lens review! ///sorry it's been a while

I caved, guys. I know everyone's been raving about these lenses.

And I'm here to let you know.
Everything is true.

These contacts are comfortable

and blend in wonderfully!

Here's some pics and I'm sure if you wanted more indepth pics like 'window light' and really detailed stuff you can always hop on over to April Fool Romance's blog! She always take a bajillion pics and really goes the extra mile~

a full faced pic of me wearing them. 

AAAAAAND SURPRISE. I got my hair did!
I got some foils done with did pink highlights in the bottom layer.

LOOOOVE IT. especially when curled.
Too bad I don't usually have the time to do so.



until next time!