Monday, 2 July 2012

days are passing by

So much has happened since I last posted.
I'm happy but it's such a crazy rush.

I went to Fanime, a very large convention in California where I reconnected with friends from Sakuracon and also made new ones. It was an amazing time and I definitely want a repeat next year!
I went camping with my family and my sister and I both brought our s/o's haha.
I'm been drawing like crazy, trying to get prints done for a local convention.
I've also been feeling a bit self-conscious and withdrawn. I need to get out more! A day downtown with friends I haven't seen in a while would be nice.
I think I'll just picture spam some outfit posts/random pics until I can think of something to say more.

photo credits to...probably Anthony. WHOEVER WASN'T COSPLAYING.

Photo credits: Michelle 'Suta' Lin
The other Karina was so sweet and really fun to chat to! Wish I'd gotten her contact info.

Photocredits: SNTP

Photocredits: My sister haha

The rest are photos taken BY me from camping haha.