Monday, 29 August 2011

VFS//dolly winks + new hair!

Hey guys I decided to update again because SO many things happened in the time I've been MIA!

I graduated VFS with my diploma in Classical Animation and with two finished films to boot!

Here's my classical one

Aaaaand my Flash one.

Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

Also I recently purchased a set of Dolly Winks in a group order with friends and omgosh I love them. So much care was put into making them and I feel the quality really shows! I haven't had a problem with them falling off after putting them on, so I assume it's just the glue I use haha. Sticks to anything >A<

All I have is a crappy webcam pic to show my first attempt at them, but I think it turned out well!
and then I'll picspam a few more of my other attempts to wear them ahaha~ I also wore them out to puri with my dear highschool friends and it was SO FUN. The machine printed the background all sparkly and glittery and hnnnfff so amazing looking~

Some of these pics will also show my new hair! Of course faded a bit, but it used to be cherry red rading to a radiant red at the tips.  Now it's more of a mahogany Q_Q the upkeep is crazy for this color sighh

Next time will be a post about Cos&Effect, Vancouver's 2 day con this year, as well as some choice shots from various photoshoots I participated in!


  1. @Giselle

    If I'm the cute one, you're the gorgeous one. <3

  2. The clips are awesome! :D
    I really want to buy Dolly Wink bottom lashes ]:

  3. Thank you! I really appreciate that you like them ;____;

    & You should! IMO they're definitely worth the investment and such a dream to apply! So light that I forget I'm wearing them~

    I plan to buy no.2 as well from the Dolly Wink line!