Thursday, 18 August 2011

so hot!! [an unexpected first try~]

Oh god I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while guys, but VFS has been seriously kicking my butt what with graduation and all!

I graduate this Friday and I'm so so excited! A year's worth of work and I can finally see it on the big screen! >A<;;; But I will be blogging about smth that took place a month ago ahhaha. 


On Sunday [the 24th] I dusted myself off from MiniComi and got ready to go to school to work but unexpected things happened! 
When I was getting ready to get off the bus that stops right outside my school, the doors closed and I guess the driver didn't hear me yell since he just took off to the next stop...which was over the bridge.... orz so I got off and after some mishaps, walked backwards to school. 
^ But the view from the bridge was gorgeous!

I only managed to work for a few hours before I was pulled off by classmates to go eat a late lunch/early dinner at Red Chicken a Korean restaurant in downtown Vancouver. 
 If you've never heard of fire chicken, it's a specialty that Koreans make but it's definitely an acquired taste. Q___Q Imagine chili peppers, or hot sauce and multiply that by many times. 
 That's what fire chicken is like. Orz||| 

It surprised even me, someone who is regularly fond of spicy food! You'd think being Korean would have helped, but it wasn't the case! Even the 3 Koreans [including me] were tearing up ahahahaha. 

Seriously, at first it's not so bad so you feel proud of yourself because it warns even on the menu that it's seriously hot. 
 And then the second wave kicks in and slay you. Destroys you. u____u;;; 

^Yeah yeah I know most of the food is gone, but we were so hungry we dove right in. It's a wonder I got a pic at all HAHA. The fire chicken's the topmost dish on the stone+wood platform~

 Even the most experienced of us spicy cuisine eaters were gulping ice water towards the end hahaha. We also had other marinated crispy chicken, boiled egg dish, fried seafood batter pancake and hand-cut noodles in a chicken broth. Lots and lots of chicken. 

 After that we had gelato and then I had to go home, living the farthest away from school than anybody else. 

I got Toblerone, and Creme Brulee I believe! 

 All in all it was a fun relaxing day with classmates that I don't usually get to hang out with and I'd love to try it again, but this time with a bigger group. It'd be fun to gather a group of people who brag about eating spicy food and then make them all try fire chicken ;D kufufufu

 Until next post! >3<

[next time I'll talk about the local 2-day convention I attended, called Cos&Effect!]

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