Thursday, 28 February 2013

REVIEW:// aliexpress | finally a hit

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh have you ever been searching for something for so long that when you finally own it/have it you feel really awesome?

It was like that for me and bandage leggings.
I wanted bandages that were double layer and wouldn't fray the more I wore it

It seemed IMPOSSIBLE to find in stores.
Once I saw a pair on a mannequin at my mall's F21 but they were on hold for someone and the stock was OOS


And then I found aliexpress.

Be careful of online shopping and always check reviews and choose the most reliable seeming one!
Always be wary of credit card protection~

That being said, these are my babies:

STOCK IMAGE I instagrammed:

AND what you get

The material is NOT vinyl/pleather or anything of the sort but it looks like it.


ALSO it's super stretchy fabric so if you're a larger size don't worry!

I've had complaints of people buying bandage leggings and the bandages fraying AS they put them on because they're plus sized

but fret not
these bandages are finished seams AND stretch so there's a lot of give

[I found a solution for the world's curvier fashion forward ladies!]

here's a link to the online store:

naughty naughty, they also sell BM replicas
but if you're strapped for cash and really want to see what a certain design looks like on you rather than on a stock model
then I guess it's okay

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