Thursday, 7 February 2013

MAC// archie's girls collection LAUNCH

Whoa whoa whoa I must have been really keeping off the makeup blogs to not notice today was the launch date for North America [?] of MAC's new collection

Archie's Girls is vibrant fun and super nostalgic for those who read them as a child/teen/even now
The collection swatches beautifully and even if you have some dupes who can resist the packaging?

I'm glad they're doing a bit more daring with colors though. Especially Veronica.

My friend freaked out over them and of course she bought something from the collection. 
Got her hands on the Veronica blush which really really suited her darker complexion. It made her cheeks pop and she's super bubbly and fun so the blush made her look that much cuter~ :>
It looks violet in pan but on her it swatches to a deep warm pink.

Her haul today. Pictured if the box, the actual makeup
and a 5 dollar Stitch phone case I talked her into getting.

Here's some snaps of the display at the mall I work at!

I also grabbed a description of the various products. Maybe something will catch your eye?

I myself am staring at the Pearlmatte face powder in 'Veronica's Blush' trying to resist buying it.

Hurry before it runs out! Burnaby's Metrotown MAC has already said they quickly ran out of stock this morning when girls lined up at 10 am [SO EARLY FOR ME] to haul!

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