Wednesday, 19 December 2012

New haircut // + LUSH golden wonder bath bomb review// + I.fairy kirei grey/gray review

new haircut/blunt bangs!!

Whoaa sorry readers I've been busy.

ALA aka Anime Los Angeles is coming up and I'm super stressed getting ready for it and also work is busy too since it's Christmas soon and everyone wants to buy chocolates.

For ALA I'll be making Shego from Kim Possible, Zatanna from Young Justice season 2, and two more cosplays that are already done.

Since Mike is cosplaying with me I have to make Drakken and Nightwing too hahaha

Here's some progress pics though!

I bought a base suit from eBay as well as the base mask. But as you can see it's still a lot of work to do yet.

I've only been taking progress pics occasionally.
And all of Mike ahahahaha

Anyways onto the reviews:

LUSH advertises this as a really fun bath bomb WHICH IT WAS OMG

Mike bought this for me as a little gift to cheer me up when I was even more stressed out
and then I used it and bought another one because I loved it so much.

When you drop it in, it starts out as gold and transitions to blue AND THEN YELLOW STARS COME OUT. They dissolve over time which is handy.

And so the bath water turns blue, but there was golden swirls of very fine fine gold dust swirling. So everytime you move, the water glimmers.

It's gorgeous and a really great way to pamper yourself.


And finally onto my kirei greys!

I bought them from iszocirclelens and I love them!
They came faster than my other package from Lensvillage which I ordered first. So they're quite good!

Came in bubble wrap envelope and with these super cute lens cases! I can't wait to use them hahahaha. And even with a keychain. Not sure how practical it is but it helps me differentiate further from my other cases.


And finally.

Some close up shots with flash/without flash.

The limbal ring is decently thick and keeps it from looking too unnatural. 
The enlargement is really good but not freaky. I feel like I can get away with wearing these with minimal makeup too.

The blending from brown to grey is really really nice. It only looks blended from far away though. 
Any closer and you can see the pupil opening.

Super duper comfy and exactly what I needed color wise. 

Not too dark but not super light either. 
I wanted a nice in between grey and that's what I got.

Also I reviewed these since there aren't nearly enough good reviews of the kirei's on dark eyes, especially this color. And since my eyes are a very very dark brown, this is as dark as they're going to get on eyes.

That's it for now. Hope everyone is having happy holidays and some quality family/friends time!

Until next time.
I leave this photo of my home area. It's snowing like crazy recently. 

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