Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy Holidays!// new hair color + various snaps

Hope everyone's spending a lovely day/time with their family and other loved ones!

I'll just quickly post some instagram pics and other things just because I have some time before a Christmas party my family is all going to!

My friend Kyleigh puts up with my butt-ness and my hair. It's too too much HAHA but now she lifted the roots and gave me a much warmer brown so I can wear it more easily.

Be sure to check it out!

And some snaps

top: H&M
I wanted something bright/fun to keep from looking winter dreary

which is also why I dyed my hair lighter for the winter months /rebel

New boots from Black Friday shopping in the states!
from: BASS
they're [so far] waterproof and very few scuff marks! So hardy
and perfect for this dreary sometimes snowy weather.

Mikebb bought me these earrings and they are SO fun. I think I'll wear them to the Christmas party.
We joked about me being house Baratheon [from Game of Thrones]
they're a bit heavy but not to the point of irritation.
WHATEVER I love them and I'd wear them to the ends of the earth.

gradient nails going from peach to pink tips

top: ZOYA
bottom: REVLON

mint: REVLON
green: OPI
gold glitter: OPI

PINK leggings by Victoria's Secret Pink
a little unsure of how the size will stay true because I bought an XS, the smallest size there is and it's a bit loose on my ankles/calves.

Love the studded detail on the back and not too ostentatious like some of the other designs/patterns. No offense
Super comfy and light material so I can work out in the winter [WHEN I HAVE TIME]

Our friends [Mike's and my] got a new dog from the shelter! He is 4 years old and a pure bred [perhaps] Dachshund who is just the sweetest thing. He's quiet and loves giving kisses and chewing on his toys and such a good lapdog. As the pic demonstrates.
Best wishes to him in his new forever home with his new loving parents.
They do dote on him~

A few of my friends have flown in from other parts of Canada to come back home and I can't wait to see them all again and hang out!
I missed my ladies ;_______;

HAVE A MERRY AND SAFE TIME. Don't drink too much nog/rum and drive and all that! IF YOU MUST MISTLETOE, MAKE SURE NO ONE IS SICK!

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