Tuesday, 20 March 2012

review: Asia-Fashion-Wholesale

I was actually introduced to this site by being a dedicated reader of April Fool Romance ! She's absolutely gorgeous and all her reviews are always super in depth and lovely.

So I decided to take the risk and order from them!
I was definitely pleased and I plan to order from them again.

In total, I paid 15 dollars and I'm really happy!

What I ordered:


Okay am I the only one who thinks it's hilarious that these are called 'panty stockings'? ahjadcanfdadf ;___;

I have yet to try these on because I'm not concerned really. They're just detailed fishnet! I'll be sure to post an OOTD later when I wear them out.

and last but certainly my favorite purchase!
false thigh high tights


I can't explain how much I love these. I want to find more styles/more variety because I just can't get enough. The versatility of thigh highs, yet more secure coverage due to them being tights.
Oh and definitely got way more stares than I was accustomed to.
My guy friend said he caught so many men staring and I was kinda shocked ha ha.

Then again, they're super sexy!

OOTD with my friend! We're so vain hahaha
I wore this out to a friend's birthday party/coincidentally on the same day as st.patricks so my nails were green!

That still counts right? orz|||

I'm also wearing my new favorite heels that I found while thrifting, a genuine pair of Vivenne Westwood.

love love love

until next time!


  1. I really love the bandage tights. I might get them myself. @_@

  2. This definitely gives me great ideas on new tights for my girlfriend! They look really cute!

    would you like to follow each others blogs? :)

  3. Definitely get them! They'd look super good on you and you get what you pay for haha.

  4. I'm glad that my post gave you some great gift ideas! I hope that if you get them that your girlfriend likes them.