Sunday, 22 January 2012

Punky Colour: FLAME//review

Hi guys! Today I'll be reviewing something I just bought today! Crazy I know!

Recently my red ombre was fading and it was bringing me down because I love bright colors in my hair. So after work I popped by a Shoppers and bought Punky Colour. I debated whether I wanted a warm red/pink red/or purple red but finally decided on the true red called 'Flame'

I left it in for half an hour and it's gorgeous! Super easy to use and super thick so it didn't run all over the place. I didn't notice any staining in my bathtub nor on the counters. Super easy to clean up and only 12 dollars for a tub.
What I love most about dying my hair now is that it's ombre and I only need to do the tips. Sooo low maintenance.
I'll be definitely using this again in between salon appointments and I don't feel any damage done to my already abused hair haha.
I just wish it was a truer red. It came out a hiiiint of orange. Still, can't complain.

Color Accuracy: 4/5
Ease of Use: 5/5
Price: 4.5/5 [I'm super cheap Asian. I hate shelling out money for myself. :C]


[BEFORE: with flash[

[AFTER: without flash]
I was bad. I didn't take both pics without flash. But I didn't retouch the photos/alter the color at all!
This is truly how vibrant it came out!
So happy. I can't wait to see it in the sunlight.


  1. HMM my tips are dyed too but out of lazy growing out, not on purpose or anything. I should perhaps consider ~revitalising~ it like this.

  2. HMM indeed. I've noticed your ends ARE lighter. And a nice FUSCHIA wouldn't be a bad choice wolol.
    In all seriousness it's a fun idea though and an inexpensive but fun way to spice up a regular look.
    Welcome to the world of ombre hair >:D

  3. I dunno if I just don't pay enough attention to the hair products aisle but I've never seen this at a Shoppers. D:

    I'll look again soon.